DaVinci Vaporizer releases IQ2

DaVinci Vaporizer introduces the IQ2. DaVinci Vaporizer officially announced the launch of its newest portable herbal vaporizer the IQ2.  And if you love weed vapes as much as we do here, then this is great news.  The original Davinci IQ vaporizer launched a little over 3 years ago, and was a big hit in the handheld herbal vape market almost immediately.  And with 3 years of time to revise and per...[Read More]

Illinois Senate approves recreational Marijuana

Illinois cannabis advocates have been eagerly awaiting a recreational regulation bill forecasted by the governor and last night, they got the forward movement they craved. On Wednesday, the state’s Senate passed a bill legalizing a regulated cannabis industry, along with consumption, possession, and sale for residents 21 years and older.  The plan, which will now go to the House for approval, was ...[Read More]

G Pen Gio Announcement and SF Cookies Collaboration!

Introducing the G Pen Gio! Emerald Cup Debut The G Pen Gio made it’s debut this weekend at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, CA and we could not be more excited! The Gio is an all-new portable concentrate solution from the makers of the Original G Pen. There have been little teases and previews of this little vaporizer for several months now, but now we get our first look and our first taste. With th...[Read More]

New “Olive” Davinci IQ

New Vape Alert! The good folks over at Davinci Vaporizer have outdone themselves again with their latest release of the Davinci IQ in an all-new color, Olive. The new “Olive” color is the first variation of the IQ that we have seen since it’s release back in October of 2016. The stunning green metallic finish is eye-catching and much more dynamic than the standard color finishes of the IQ. Even th...[Read More]

Major Price Drop and Kit Update for Pax3 and Pax2

  PAX 3 PRICE DROP!!!!!! The folks over at Pax Labs have announced today on their Instagram and via updates on their website. This price drop applies to both the Pax3 and Pax2 devices. Some very interesting moves as we head into the 4th quarter of the year and begin the holiday shopping season. In addition to the price drop, Pax Labs has also announced a new series of colors and finishes for ...[Read More] A Brief History of Weed Vapes

Vaporizers have changed the way we talk about, and smoke, cannabis. Chris Folkerts remembers the first time he hit a weed vape. It didn’t get him high, but he still considers the incident “probably the most powerful moment” of his life. “Holy shit,” Folkerts recalled thinking to himself. “This just fucking digitized weed.” That was seven years ago. At the ...[Read More]

Pax 3 Review: Vaping’s Gone Mainstream

The Pax line of vapes have something of a reputation. They are the luxury-ish brand everyone, and their dog has heard of. And that’s not without reason. These folks make a damned fine vape. The Pax 2 was the real showstopper. It was one of the first herb vapes that was dignified. It had phenomenal build quality and offered a great, entertaining, and simple experience. Not perfect, by any means, bu...[Read More]

Business Insider: The DaVinci IQ is the most innovative vaporizer you can buy right now

Innovation, in 2017, is a buzzword that’s lost its meaning. It’s used as a descriptor for anything the tech industry touches, from the mundane, like grocery aisles, to generation-defining achievements like private space travel. The cannabis industry is no exception. Every so often, however, a truly innovative product lands in your hands. And that’s what the Davinci IQ is. A revel...[Read More] Dr. Dabber’s Boost Is a Fine Vape and That’s About It

The Boost is a totally different class of vape. It’s portable, yeah, but only technically. It stands more than 10 inches and has an awkward, imposing presence. Plus, it comes in a padded metal case that reminds me of something you’d use for a weapon. All this is because the Boost is a high-powered concentrate rig. Like the Aurora, you won’t be able to use any herbs with this machine. And given the...[Read More]

Leafly: How to Choose the Best Dab Rig for You

How to Choose the Best Dab Rig for You Dabbing is evolving fast, and it seems like every other day there’s a new tool, technique, or technology. One day it’s nothing but titanium nails, torches, and BHO; the next it’s quartz bangers, e-nails, and rosin. Its rapid evolution can be a lot to keep up with, and if you’re like me, you probably switch up how you dab depending on what the situation calls ...[Read More]

Huffington Post releases their “Top 5 New Portable Vaporizers for 2017”

Huffington Post: 01/02/2017 “Top 5 New Portable Vaporizers for 2017” With approximately 25% of the US permitting recreational marijuana use beginning in 2017, you’re starting to see all type of users, proudly crawling out of the woodwork. No more are the days of being stereotyped as a rasta loving hippie, but steadily the stigma is being broken down and we’re coming to realize what we ...[Read More]

Cannabist: 10 Best Vaporizers we reviewed in 2016

Here are the 10 best vaporizers we reviewed in 2016 New models, new features, new users made for an exciting year for vapes Another year has passed, and it’s time to recap the best vaporizers we’ve reviewed in 2016. This year brought many new models with features that could only be dreamed of a short time ago, and with the raft of states legalizing in November many more consumers might try their h...[Read More]

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