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Major Price Drop and Kit Update for Pax3 and Pax2

Major Price Drop and Kit Update for Pax3 and Pax2



The folks over at Pax Labs have announced today on their Instagram and via updates on their website. This price drop applies to both the Pax3 and Pax2 devices. Some very interesting moves as we head into the 4th quarter of the year and begin the holiday shopping season. In addition to the price drop, Pax Labs has also announced a new series of colors and finishes for the Pax3. Let’s digest these changes and see what this all really means.

Pax has done a couple of things to make their Pax3 more affordable and more versatile. The first obvious change is the price drop. The complete kit of a Pax3 now sits at $249.99 a $25 drop in price. In addition to this price adjustment, Pax has also made a minimal kit available for purchase. If you don’t want or need all of the little fancy Pax3 accessories like the oil can, extra screens, and the spare oven lids you can pick up their “Device Only” package which only includes the Pax3, USB charger, and cleaning kit, similar to the kits that you would get when purchasing a Pax2. For this “Device Only” kit the Pax3 sits at a pretty $199.99. The same as the old price of the Pax2. There are also 4 new finishes that I mentioned before. The Pax3 will now be available in a Matte finish in addition to the Glossy. Pax has also introduced a new color with a stunning matte teal which I can tell you right now as a San Jose Sharks fan I am very excited for this one.  

   For the Pax2 there have also been some changes and price adjustments. First things first the cost for the Pax2 kit still with a full 10-year warranty is now a record low of $179.99. This makes the Pax2 one of the best and most affordable portable vaporizers on the market. Here is the really interesting part. Pax has made themselves a market leader and giant in the world of portable vaporizers. That is thanks to in part to their 10-year warranty that has been offered with their products since the original Pax. Now here with this price change, you can purchase a Pax2 directly from Pax labs with only a 2-year limited warranty for as low as $149.99! That is crazy! The Pax2 was one of the best portable vaporizers on the market when it released and kept it’s market share and place in our hearts because it was cheaper than the Pax3 and just as functional. Now sitting at a price of $149 I don’t know if it’s ever been more worth it. For those worried about not getting the extra warranty let me tell you a little something about the batteries used in the Pax2. They use a standard 18650 battery which is known to have a life cycle of about 300 charges. What this means is that it can be charged, used, and recharged, 300 times. After that, it will begin to degrade and ultimately stop working. This charge cycle usually takes about 1 ½ – 2 years to happen. As long as you replace your Pax2 before that 2 years you’ll be all good or you’ll be ready to move on to a new vape as changes seem to happen as often as smartphones these days.

Rumors / What we expect from this price drop.

For those who remember……. Last time that Pax Vapor adjusted the price of their products, in fact, every time they have a price drop of their products. It is typically a few weeks before the launch of a new product. Last year at this same time Pax dropped the price of the Pax2 from $249 down to $199 just 3 weeks before the announcement of the Pax3 which released at $249.99. If history repeats itself, I would assume another Pax product will show it’s head soon.  Keep in mind, this week – much of the industry is in Denver for the CHAMPS convention.  Last year at this time – at CHAMPS, PAX 3, and Pax Era was released, and Firefly 2 finally started to hit a shelf or two  – as well as the DaVinci IQ.  Furthermore,  About 2 years ago Pax had a survey that was leaked that showed the potential release of the Pax3, Pax era, and a third product called the Pax Air. The Pax 3 and Era have both now been released into the market however the Pax Air has remained in the dark. Time will show whether or not a new product lies in the shadows.

In other words…  Pax may be about to drop something new.  And we can’t wait to see it.  

We’ll let you know what we know soon!


DK aka Dabs N Kababs is a Cannabis Connoisseur and a Vaporizer Expert. He began spreading his knowledge and love for vaporizers in 2014 with a project known as What's Your Vape Temp before joining the Development Team for a major vaporizer manufacturer as an intelligence expert. Head shops and MMJ festivals are a home away from home where he keeps his finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry.

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