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New “Olive” Davinci IQ

New “Olive” Davinci IQ

Photo Credit: IG @DavinciVaporizer

New Vape Alert! The good folks over at Davinci Vaporizer have outdone themselves again with their latest release of the Davinci IQ in an all-new color, Olive. The new “Olive” color is the first variation of the IQ that we have seen since it’s release back in October of 2016. The stunning green metallic finish is eye-catching and much more dynamic than the standard color finishes of the IQ. Even the 51 LED light display now flashes a sporty green hue when projecting your temperature setting. The Olive IQ also ships in a new limited edition package, now in a beautiful matte black box with green accent highlights that make the text pop. Inside you’ll find the standard IQ accessories, cleaning kit, keychain, mouthpiece, and matching olive carry can match with your IQ.

Photo Credit: IG @DavinciVaporizer

Davinci Is also offering the option to add a “Collector’s Edition Kit” to your purchase. The collector’s edition kit arrives in a beautiful branded, reusable wooden box much like a treasure chest this guy is full of goodies to get even the most spoiled vaporizer enthusiasts giddy with excitement. In addition to the limited edition Olive IQ, you will also receive an IQ soft case, Davinci glass jar, IQ glass spacers, 3 tins of legal herbs for aromatherapy use, and some Davinci swag in the form of their stash hat, lanyard, and silicone wristband. One of the best items in the kit bar far is the highly sought after Davinci glass spacers. These spacers allow you to adjust and minimize the volume of your oven to hold a smaller amount of herbs per session. Another really cool item is the Stash Hat that. Just a simple black snapback hat with a nifty Davinci Logo on the front, but it;s what is inside that makes it special. Under the flap of the inside rim of the hat, you will find a concealed zipper that opens up to a small pocket that you can use to stash whatever you like. Comes in really handy when trying to be discrete and sneak some fun into a concert or sporting event.

As if this new collector’s kit and limited edition color weren’t enough. Davinci Vaporizers has also added another level of customization for your IQ vaporizer with custom engraving. For an additional $10 you’ll be able to add a message and a bit of your own flair to your new favorite vaporizer. With the upcoming holiday season, a shiny new vape with a custom inscription for that special someone makes for one hell of a gift. I wonder if they’ll offer gift wrapping too!

DK aka Dabs N Kababs is a Cannabis Connoisseur and a Vaporizer Expert. He began spreading his knowledge and love for vaporizers in 2014 with a project known as What's Your Vape Temp before joining the Development Team for a major vaporizer manufacturer as an intelligence expert. Head shops and MMJ festivals are a home away from home where he keeps his finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry.

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