Portable Vaporizers

DaVinci Vaporizer releases IQ2

DaVinci Vaporizer introduces the IQ2. DaVinci Vaporizer officially announced the launch of its newest portable herbal vaporizer the IQ2.  And if you l...

Business Insider: The DaVinci IQ is the most innovative vaporizer you can buy right now

Innovation, in 2017, is a buzzword that’s lost its meaning. It’s used as a descriptor for anything the tech industry touches, from the mun...

Davinci IQ Review & Tutorial

Huffington Post releases their “Top 5 New Portable Vaporizers for 2017”

Huffington Post: 01/02/2017 “Top 5 New Portable Vaporizers for 2017” With approximately 25% of the US permitting recreational marijuana us...

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