Month: July 2017 A Brief History of Weed Vapes

Vaporizers have changed the way we talk about, and smoke, cannabis. Chris Folkerts remembers the first time he hit a weed vape. It didn’t get him high, but he still considers the incident “probably the most powerful moment” of his life. “Holy shit,” Folkerts recalled thinking to himself. “This just fucking digitized weed.” That was seven years ago. At the ...[Read More]

Pax 3 Review: Vaping’s Gone Mainstream

The Pax line of vapes have something of a reputation. They are the luxury-ish brand everyone, and their dog has heard of. And that’s not without reason. These folks make a damned fine vape. The Pax 2 was the real showstopper. It was one of the first herb vapes that was dignified. It had phenomenal build quality and offered a great, entertaining, and simple experience. Not perfect, by any means, bu...[Read More]

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