Month: November 2016

Product Review: Dr. Dabber Boost

Forbes: Pax 3 Vaporizer Is Like The Heated Seat In Your Midsize Sedan

California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine just legalized recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana has been legalized in North Dakota, Arkansas, Florida and Montana. What does this mean for the marijuana industry? It means the obvious. It means that the industry is about to expand once again. With every expansion there is a new contingent of users who slowly realize the Cheech and Chong stereoty...[Read More]

Cannabist: Pax 3 flirts with portable vape perfection by adding more, more, more (review)

This sleek vaporizer is a knockout, catering to the concentrates crowd while adding power and speed, but some of the tech doodads are a bit much One of the smallest portables on the market, the palm-size Pax 3 is a sleek little vaporizer. The lustrous, polished aluminum case instantly attracts, resembling a high-end music player more than pot paraphernalia. It’s a sexy little beast with function t...[Read More]

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